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We’re a team of passionate, data-driven digital marketers committed to connecting communities with a common goal through innovative solutions.

X-Finity PRO is a digital marketing agency that currently has offices in Collingwood, Ontario, and across Europe. The company was founded in 2015 by Bostjan Tanko. Bostjan came to Canada as an immigrant, and he started a one-person SEO company with a single goal — to help Canadian businesses grow an online presence.

Today, five years later, the company has grown, and Bostjan is no longer alone. We have an incredible team focused on becoming one of the leaders in the marketing industry.

Our Goal

Let’s Go to X-Finity and Beyond

We have worked with thousands of different companies, from small local businesses to big international companies, and we know what you’re going through. We also understand that we might not be the perfect choice for every type of business.

Our goal is to work with you side by side — as a partner, not just someone who needs to get the work done.

We aim to understand your business, the dreams behind it, goals you plan on achieving, and what keeps you up at night. That way, we can develop a customized strategy tailored just for you — an approach that meets your specific needs regardless of size or industry.

Our Skills

Have you experienced a decline in traffic? Are you failing to generate leads or sales? Have you ever had trouble explaining your goals and plans to agencies?

Or have you been entirely ignored by them? If any of this sounds familiar to you, it is time to meet X-Finity PRO.

  • SEO 100% 100%
  • Web Design 100% 100%
  • PPC 100% 100%
  • Paid Social Media Ads 100% 100%

The X-Finity Way


Work smarter

It’s not about the hours we put in developing a project, but the results we get from it. Sharing and improving our knowledge is what helps us all get better every day and what will help us grow.

Get the job done

Clients trust us that we will build things that will work. We take our job seriously because of that. Our team focuses on overcoming any obstacle that might appear on the way by finding the right solutions and delivering exceptional results.

Customers needs are a priority

The reason why we exist is to help merchants succeed online. Every decision and step we make goes towards answering one question: How well will it serve our customers?


Together we will succeed. No matter what the problem is. We understand that the only way to thrive is to work together, and we are more successful thanks to mutual support and shared goals.

Happy and motivated team

There is nothing like being around happy, positive, and motivated people. It is beneficial for everyone — individuals, the entire company, and our clients. We focus on having a healthy environment where everyone can show their worth.

Make something better today

Our team is hungry. Our team is passionate. There is nothing we love more than new challenges and “unsolvable” problems. You won’t hear anyone saying, “I don’t know,” or “I can’t.” And even if we face a hurdle along the way, the only option is to jump.


Bostjan Tanko

Bostjan Tanko

Founder & SEO Specialist

Patricija Pepic

Patricija Pepic

Account Manager

Happy Customers
"Very professional. Amazing value for money. Bostjan helped me to achieve my goals. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to expand their business."

Leslie Brlec

Real Estate Services

"These guys are great! After working with other agencies, I finally found one that helped my small business rank in local and organic SEO. I highly recommend them. Very happy with their work!"

Cesar Marin


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